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Why Weikert Recycling?


We recycle the right way. Period.​

Our modern facility is equipped to properly process "white goods"...large and small appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, freezers, air conditioning units, washers, dryers, dehumidifiers...just about any appliance you use in a home or accordance with all city, county, state (Iowa & Illinois) federal & EPA procedures. We maintain all required permits, certifications & insurance.


About Us

Weikert Iron & Metal is a family owned and operated recycling business, in operation for 34 years. For the last 15 yrs, we have specialized in appliance de-manufacturing recycling & proper disposal of hazardous materials. We are now teaching our 4th generation to save the earth by recycling the correct way, and in turn, trying to make it a better world for our grandchildren.

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