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Recycling Power

Many new things can be made from recycled appliances...instead of ending up in a landfill, harmful contaminates are recaptured and the "clean" appliances can be made into something useful again.

Getting it there

Our state of the art equipment gets the appliances from here to there with the least amount of harm to the environment.


Large Indoor Facility

Appliances frequently contain hazardous materials such as refrigerants, mercury-containing devices and PCB capacitors. Iowa requires that all discarded appliances be demanufactured by a permitted appliance demanufacturer prior to disposal.

Earth-friendly Recycling!

Large appliances like washing machines, clothes dryers, hot water heaters, microwaves, ovens, dehumidiers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and furnaces are a big source of waste – but they don’t have to be a big pain to recycle. It’s becoming easier to recycle large appliances.


Rock Island IL Residents:

Click on the "Pick Up Service" link above or call 877-WEIKERT (934-5378)

to schedule your appliance/tire pickup!

We Can Do It!
From small household appliances to rooftops units, we can demanufacture most any appliance. Call us to see if your appliance can be safely recycled.
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